Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My passion for old tins!

In the spring of 2013 a couple came to stay, Jim & Maureen, originating from Scotland, who now live in Canada. During their stay at that time we talked about my collection of and interest in old tins to which Jim said when they returned one day he would bring me some that he'd got in his workshop.
We have kept in touch with them since and to our delight they returned this year for 3 weeks in July especially to see the Tour de France pass by. Sure enough on the day they arrived they produced a plastic bag with the tins (above). Amongst them, a very appropriate Ogdens Walnut Sliced tobacco tin and to my surprise a Boots Blackcurrant Pastilles tin, the last time I'd seen one of these was as a child whenever I had a sore throat and cough my Mum always bought these for me!
 Another little surprise (and here's the Scottish link) inside one of the small tins was an old match box, as you can see, it is what it says on the packet, a box with the smallest bottle of scotch whisky I have ever seen.
Many many thanks Jim & Maureen for bringing them all the way from your home in Canada, all will be displayed very soon in my display cabinet which many of our guests have already seen and admired in the main house!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Small renovation job!

Earlier in the week, we decided to have a morning out before temperatures once again headed towards the mid 30's. Another place on our list of 'to do's' was Chateau de Cammarque, only a 20 minute or so drive from us situated between Les Eyzies and Sarlat,
Built on top of a pre-historic cave and settlement in the 12th century and with sections of the area added to over the centuries, it's an interesting place to visit and see how renovations have been on-going since the early 1990's when the site was hidden by vegetation due to many years of neglect.
As well as the well planned walks around the estate you can also see up close some of the paintings that are visible in the cave.
By the time we'd got home, the temperature had indeed got up to 34 degrees (93 F) so was time to get in the pool to cool down!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Somewhere over the rainbow!

Saturdays in the summer are always busy, extra busy when we have a complete changeover of the house and the other 4 gites all on the same day. An early start yesterday was necessary for just that so when getting up at 6.15am this was the view that greeted me as I drew back the curtains, something I'd never seen before at such an early hour, a rainbow that you can just see above Le Roque St Christophe, looking like an upward straight beam of light coming from above the rock face!
Needless to say, that was the last of the scenery gazing for that day as we were working non stop for the following 12 hours until most of our new guests had arrived for their stay.

Remember, click on the image for a larger picture

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

As seen on TV!

What a great experience, and we were on TV as the leaders went past Les Granges, Philippa waving (right) and me applauding with my Leicester City shirt on, unbelievable atmosphere as the 3 or 4 helicopters hovered over the area taking amazing shots of the area.
As I write they are still racing through St Cyprien on their way to Bergerac.
Outside Les Granges, it's as though nothing has happened, all the barriers have gone, everyone has gone, life returns to normal again!
Great day!

Caravan been and gone!

Well that was a good laugh, 35 minutes of decorated vehicles throwing out freebies!
 The competition was who could collect the most....counting to be confirmed later!
Just over one hour to go to the race coming through!

11a.m. update!

The roads are all closed, but there seems to be very little happening!
We've got the gazebo up in case shade is needed (hopefully!) from the sun, quite a few cyclists taking advantage of the empty roads and lots of people sitting waiting for 12.50 when the publicity caravan comes through!

The St. Leon/Le Moustier circuit!

Thought we'd go for an early bike ride this morning before all the roads are closed, a cloudy and cool start but will be brighter later.
A couple of pics I took on route is the what the riders will see (ok not with Philippa in front of them!) as they approach the bend to enter the straight road that runs past us, waiting for 10am now to see what happens next!